Happy St. Patrick's Day from Alpine Beer Company

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Alpine Beer Company

My favorite of the original “drinking holidays,” be sure to wear your green lest you get pinched. Don’t drive if you’ve been drinkin’ and don’t drink green beer, it’s just wrong. A new favorite is repeated for immediate release and what’s available now and what’s coming. My favorite way to spend St. Patty’s day is with“Captain Stout” in one hand and a cute blond in the other… now where did I leave that cute blond?

“Token,” our Imperial, Baltic-style Porter, is available at the brewery for growler fills right now. Remember is weighs in at 8.5% abv so drink responsibly. If you’ve never had a “beer float” then maybe now is the time to try one.

“Nelson”, our Golden Rye IPA with New Zealand hops, will be back by this Friday. It is out for growler fills right now but we still have 22 oz. bottles. “Duet” is also out for growler fills with plenty of bottles, but it won’t be back until next Friday.

We’re down to our last keg of O’Brien’s IPA” for growler fills. It probably won’t last through Saturday.

“Exponential Hoppiness” is still in fair supply for growler fills and bottles. We held onto a few extra kegs for the growler fill only crowd. It will last into next week.

This stout sure tastes good.

Our freshest beers are Mandarin Nectar, McIlhenney’s Irish Red and Captain Stout (not by accident). The stout is the only one not available in bottles right now. There are plenty of bottles and growler fills of the others.

We’re starting a series of barrel aged sour ales next week to fill the 18 wine barrels we’ve procured. For the next three weeks we’ll brew another batch to eventually make its way into six of the barrels. A new cherry called Balaton will be used in one batch. Balatons are more tart than the Montmorency cherry, yum. One will use white peaches and apricots, omg. The last batch is scheduled to be “Briscoe.”

Major progress is being made on our ordeal with the DEH (Department of Environmental Health). I’m embarrassed to say, someone intervened on our behalf to our County Supervisor who in turn trickled down to the plan check department. A complete 180* was initiated and we should soon be on our way to the building department.

Catch-22: The Building Department has placed a “hold” on our Health Dept. application, for reasons unknown. The Building Dept wants us to finish with the Health Dept. before we bring approved plans to them, even though they’ve block progress on our Health Dept. application?

Is it a wonder anything can get done in this county.

And last but not least. Our formerly woebegone web site has been finalized. You can now see the latest news letter there and catch a streaming live webcam of inside the brewery.

“May the road beneath your feet rise to meet your every step in life”

The Alpine Brew Crew: Pat, Val, Shawn, Steve, Natalie, Kevin and Danielle.

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