Alpine Beer Company News

Alpine Beer Company News

It just occurred to me I haven’t tormented anyone with a long, boring newsletter in quite some time. It’s true I’ve been busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest, but the news just didn’t seem worthy, until now. There’s a couple of releases I have to announce, new bottle shape being integrated into our lineup, progress on the pub, a new beer and snide comments along the way. Pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself your favorite adult beverage and enjoy as you read on…
The labels for “Ned,” our Belgian-style Flanders red ale arrived yesterday. The bottles will be freshly labeled and offered for sale starting at noon tomorrow, Friday, May 14th, 2010. For those who are unfamiliar, “Ned” is a 5.17% ABV; dark-red, mildly tart, wine barrel aged sour beer. It will set you back $7.99 (plus tax and CRV) per bottle with a six bottle limit. Only a few cases will be sold to retailers: South Bay Drugs and Liquor, Beverages 4 Less and Carlsbad Pizza Port Bottle Shop, that’s it!
We have a fresh batch of “O’Brien’s IPA” we put on yesterday for growler fills. A release party is planned for “O’Brien’s American Pub” TODAY, in Kearny Mesa. They’ll have casks and kegs for sale at the usual time. For more info check
Just to make the trip more worthwhile, “Bad Boy” will also be released on Friday, May 14th, starting at noon. “Bad Boy” is our other Double IPA, created by our very own bad boy – Shawn. It weighs in at 9.25% ABV and uses a wide variety of intense hops for that over-the-top hops in your face experience. Available for growler fills only for a mere $11.95 plus tax, the new growler is another $5.00 + tax.
A new 22 oz. bottle has become available to us so we will be shifting to a “classier” bottle shape. The body of the bottle is taller with a shorter, curvier neck giving an almost 750 ml bottle shape. Look for the new bottles at your favorite retailer near you. For a list of where to buy our bottles, check our website, and click on the “Where to buy” tab.
One of the former owners of “The Liar’s Club,” Al Guerra, will be celebrating his 40th birthday on the 22nd. We created a custom beer just for the occasion called “ Hoppy Birthday.” It’s a 5.25% ABV pale ale made like our IPA’s, really hoppy. I just tasted it and it reminds me of Nelson, only slightly lighter. We’ll be making it available for growler fills late next week. It’s nice to have a sessionable IPA-like beer; you can drink more than one.
We won some medals at the most prestigious beer judging event in the world. The World Beer Cup awarded us a Gold Medal for our “O’Brien’s IPA” in the Strong Pale Ale category, a Bronze Medal for “Duet” in the IPA category and a Bronze Medal for “Token” in the Baltic Porter category. I think that means we make good beer…
The pub is frantically being worked on. We’ve discovered that for every time someone asks when the pub will open, it sets the opening date back one day, so please – stop asking. There’s a lot to tell about what governmental obstructions have been thrown in front of us but that’s not productive. Let’s just say, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t.
That’s all for now. Don’t play with lightning. And, don’t talk with your mouth full, it’s gross. Much love from the Alpine Brew Crew – Pat, Val, Shawn, Steve, Natalie, Danielle and our newest member Cy.

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