Alpine Beer Goes Bad This Friday

Alpine Beer Goes Bad This Friday

This Friday, September 24th, we’re serving up a Cask of “Bad Boy,” our other Double IPA, starting at 5 PM. This misbehaved elixir weighs in at 9.25% abv and should not be taken lightly. Last week’s pin (half the size of a Cask) lasted less than an hour. Fortunately, we had a Cask as a backup so it lasted the rest of the night. We don’t have a backup of “Bad Boy” this week.

For those of you that like the dark beers, “Token” will be released, at the pub and for growler fills, on Saturday, September 25th. “Token” is our Imperial Porter that’s 9% abv. It’s one of our World Beer Cup award winning beers that’s got a rich roasty, chocolatey robustness you’ll find intoxicating.

See you soon over a good beer…

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