When Pigs Fly in Alpine

When Pigs Fly in Alpine
Alpine Beer Company is always proud to bring you great treats at reasonable prices and this weekend is no exception. For those of you that are not familiar with pigs raised in Alpine, there is a slight anatomical variance that makes Alpine pigs unique, they have wings. Now they happen to be too small to be useful or elegant, but they are technically wings none the less. The story goes ‘they came about due to a former firefighter trying to win a bet by cross-breeding a domestic pig, Sus domestica, with an osprey, Pandion haliaetus.’ I heard he lost the bet but unleashed a sub-species that gives us a chance to use pig’s wings as a special this weekend.
So, the special is: Smoked Pork Wild Wings, with a barbeque glaze, Corn on the Cob and Mashed Potatoes, with mushroom gravy. All that for a tidy $12.95.
The beer we’ve selected to accompany this fine meal offering will be “Cask Hoppy Birthday,” the most celebrated beer in the world. We’ll tap the cask at 5 PM Friday and hope it lasts more than an hour, and it’s at a special price.
We’ve found a great wine to pair with the dinner special too, Jacob’s Creek Reserve “Shiraz.” It will be reduced to $5 a glass and $15 a bottle.
And, we even found a great dessert to showcase this weekend. Try “Great” over Pumpkin Ice Cream, it’s sure to make you smile.
So, the tap list should look like this:
Alpine Ale O’Brien’s IPA Bad Boy
Duet Pure Hoppiness Irish Red
Nelson Mandarin Nectar Willy
Token Willy Vanilly Captain Stout
Chez Monmee Ichabod 2009 Great 2009
Cask Hoppy Birthday (Friday only)
Life is good!

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