Fore Score and All Men are Equal

Fore Score and All Men are Equal
In two minutes, Lincoln delivered a speech, the Gettysburg Address that define man’s ideals and defined the significance of the Civil War. In the next two minutes you’ll find out the significance of coming to Alpine Beer Company this Friday for a special that just might change your life or at least your waistline.
The Friday night special this week is: Citrus and honey glazed smoked Farmer John Ham, a killer green bean casserole and roasted red potatoes with fresh rosemary and olive oil, all for $12.95 plus tax and gratuity.
The beer we’ve chosen to accompany this meal is “Cask Nelson.” Yes, this is one of the best beers on the planet and we think you’re all worth it. For the first hour we’ll have special pricing and after 6 PM we’ll be charging $5 per pint.
The wine special will be another New Zealand treat, Dryland’s Sauvignon Blanc for $7 a glass and $21 for a bottle.
Come thirsty and leave happy. Cheers!

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