Alpine Beer Release Notes

Get Healthy and Stay That Way

A moment of silence for “Don younger” owner of the Horse Brass Saloon in Portland, Oregon. A Mighty Stalwart in the Pursuit of Great Beer

There’s a blimp load of things you just won’t be complete without knowing so pay close attention as you get smarter while you get healthier. As time goes on, so does Alpine Beer Company’s brewing, which means we have some new releases to divulge as well as a current, on your mark, ready, set, go exponential. As you try to drive through Alpine, getting to our pub of course, remember that all those construction delays are because of SDG&E’s mismanagement and blatant disregard for our forest’s scenery, common sense and local commerce… (insert scream here)

Yes, it is still winter and we here at Alpine Beer Company think winter is the time for robust, tasty dark beers. And because of vanity reasons, “Ugly” is coming to a mirror near you on February 11th, just in time for a warm, heartfelt gift for the one you love on Valentine’s Day. Buy a growler to surprise the dufus you intend to dump on their way out. Or, just enjoy the delightful blend of your favorite IPA and a hint of chocolate, arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Oh, but wait, that’s not all, Johnny, tell them what else they’ve won

Yes, there is a reason to celebrate further, and that’s another tasty beer released at the same, exact time, can you believe that folks? Somehow, through the power of spiritual manipulation we will attempt to bring you another batch of “the most celebrated beer in the world ‘Hoppy Birthday’” Both beers, “Ugly” and “Hoppy Birthday” will be available for growler fills and pints at the pub on Febuarary 11th as soon as we open.

As I have traveled through life with the desire to live long, I’ve seen the expected development of advancements that supplant old school medical theories and I have a message to deliver: “If you don’t “analyses your compilation of traits” and make the “appropriate exertion adjustments,” you’ll die sooner than you’d like/expect or a long and slow, ewe.” Get your butt up and out in the world, every day. Yes, that means you too!

Have I used up my platform yet? There’s more…

On Friday, February 4th, at the crack of noon, as our doors open, we will be offering one of the most delectable, superbly delicious, best batch ever, mathematically complex beers ever produced on the face of this earth “Exponential Hoppiness.” (EH) We did an exponential move on some late addition and dry-hopping tricks that elevated the aroma and hoppiness to their proper levels. Yes, it’s that good because we care, damit.

The ways to purchase EH are thus:
22 oz bottles available at the BREWERY – $8.99 – Max 6 bottles/per person/day (unless abused)
22 oz bottles available at the PUB – Max 3 bottles/person/day. (don’t be that guy)
Growler fills at the brewery only, no growler fills at the pub. We don’t fill growlers at the pub, just the brewery.
Maximum growler fills: 6 growlers per person/day of EH.
The first time I see growlers of our beer on a “public auction site” we will no longer sell growlers of EH. Ever. Protect your privilege.
Tulips at the pub are mighty fine. Get a driver and come on out, it’s not that far, really.

And, for our weekend special, starting Friday, Feb 4th, at 5pm, we’ll be serving a bowl of “Captain Stout Stew” with bread on the side. We’ll pair that, if you so chose, with Jacob’s Creek 2006 Reserve Shiraz, read what the experts say about it $5 a glass and $12 a bottle. And, we’re putting our American Wheat Beer, “Willy,” on special for $3 a pint, it complements the stew superbly.
Thank you for your time, have a safe and prosperous weekend. While you’re out driving around, remember to wear a smile and your seat belt. Because the life you save may be your own.
BREWERY HOURS: Tuesday through Saturday 12 – 6
PUB HOURS: Tuesday through Thursday 11 – 10
Friday and Saturday 11 – 12
Sunday 12 – 9
2351 and 2363 Alpine Blvd.
Alpine, CA 91901
619-445-2337 x1 brewery, x2 pub

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