"Great Odin's Raven!"

“Great Odin’s Raven”

With the arrival of “the boys of summer” comes our first hot spell, so why not release an Imperial Stout? A dinner special that reflects the return of baseball. And a cask of the most celebrated beer in the world.

Today, Friday April 1, 2011, we are releasing “Odin’s Raven” our Imperial Stout made with Hersey’s Chocolate syrup. We’ve recalculated the alcohol percent and found it was 11% abv, a bit higher than previously reported. Growler fills available at the brewery and glasses available at the pub when the doors open. This is no April’s Fool joke, really.

For tonight’s dinner special, we’ve been marinating some Fontanini Bratwurst in our beer and then smoked. It will be serving it in a French Roll with Sauerkraut and Spicy Mustard unless otherwise requested.

Starting at 5pm tonight, we’ll have a Cask of “Hoppy Birthday” being served from our beer engine. This beer matches perfectly with the original styles served from a handpump. The English pale ales were hoppy, for them, lower in alcohol and well suited for cask beers. Get some while it lasts.

Coming beers will be “Hoppy Birthday” in about two weeks. We will be making “O’Brien’s IPA” next week and it should finish in about three and a half weeks. We’re making the arrangements for the ingredients for “Ugly” our Black IPA which should be brewed within a couple of weeks.

With the construction going on in Alpine by SDG&E, access can be challenging at times. So, as a reminder, we have a small parking lot on the east end of our building, please feel free to use it. We’ve had some problems with unattended children at our pub recently. To protect the privilege of bringing your kids to the pub, don’t let them run amuck. Sorry, no dogs either.

Stay Safe, wear your seat belts every time.

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