Alpine Beer is Truly Special

Thank You for Your Loyalty
A few words of thanks for being such good customers. Without your support, we wouldn’t be looking to expand. This weekend’s dinner special is so good you’ll want to slap somebody. Could a really good cask beer be served at the pub this Friday? New labels for a new beer, stop the madness.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for your patronization. We owe all the success and popularity of Alpine Beer Company to you, our loyal customers. So, “Thank You” very much.

Timing and location usually make up the bulk of success. As it turns out, the lone concrete tilt-up style building in Alpine is for sale. We are working feverishly to structure the right offer and get the proverbial ducks in a row. Please wish us luck and keep up your support; we’ll need it more than ever. Investor opportunities may exist.

Friday, July 8th, our scrumptious dinner special will consist of: (Salivation Alert! get out your napkins)
Slow Smoked Tri Tip topped with Mushroom Gravy laid over Toasted Brown Potato Cakes and served with Cheesy Steamed Broccoli. All for a mere $13.95 starting at 5PM and going until we run out, which sometimes makes it to Saturday night, too?

And just to show some more love, “Red Card” on cask served this Friday as well. This will pair exquisitely with the Tri Tip. The cask will be tapped and served starting at 5 PM along with the dinner special.

The newest label to be designed is for “Barrel Aged Token.” We aged some “Token” in high end bourbon barrels and they are reaching their peak now. With label approval and printing left to do, we should be offering some for sale in around six weeks. Most will be in 22 oz. bottles but you may see a small keg here or there…

A story about the Powerlink will be posted on our blog soon telling the whole sordid affair and just some of the affect it’s had on our business. Check back in a while for a big eye-opener.

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