Confidential Notice For You Only

Confidential Notice for You Only
For those of you in need of a little excitement, look no further. Our worst rendition of one of our beers, ever, is coming out soon. A big little beer is just around the corner. And, do you like us enough to help us expand?

First, for the news most of you appear to be clamoring for, a release announcement. If the bottling goes well on Monday, then on Tuesday, July 26th, when we open, we’ll have another fresh batch of Exponential Hoppiness. But wait, there are conditions. We will be applying the 2 – 4 – 6 rule for this release:
• No more than 2 new growlers of Expo (we’re short on growlers and all the suppliers are out right now),
• No more than 4 growler fills of Expo per person per day,
• No more than 6 bottles of Expo per person per day.
We won’t argue about the restrictions. If you want to break the rules you will be denied service and be told to leave.

There is some rational to the restrictions. Our beer is meant for our local customers first. We don’t care to see people sending growlers, meant for local use, being shipped off to far away destinations where the growler becomes useless, the environment needs consideration. The economy behind growlers makes them sensible only when they are refilled, not sent to the recycler or landfill. And, our beer is best fresh, hording bottles only lessens the quality of the old beer stored in your garage, warm, yuk.

Another in our line of session ales, Tuatara, will be released for growler fills and pints and pitchers in the pub on Friday, July 29th. Bring your growlers as we’ll surely be short and get some of this 4.20% abv pale ale made like an IPA. We use all New Zealand special aromatic hops in this citrusy-lemony ale.

We are actively seeking the ability to make more beer and we want your help. Please keep buying our beer, especially if you like it. We need capital, and that is our best way to garner some. We have always prided ourselves on offering our high quality beers at a very reasonable price. As a result we have not made large enough profits to save for new equipment and property. If you see modest price increases please understand why and what it’s all going toward. Once we can make more beer we will surely adjust pricing to our former price conscious sensibilities. As soon as a business plan is available, investment opportunities will become available.

We have weekend specials in the pub starting Friday evening until its devoured. Happy Hour 4-6 Tues-Fri. Wear your seat belt in moving vehicles. SDG&E is not your friend! Peace.

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