Time to Let the Token Out of the Barrel

Time to Let the Token Out of the Barrel
Has it been warm? I haven’t noticed. A cold beer usually helps at times like these. The release announcement of “Barrel-Aged Token” coming, soon. Alas, for our precious Duet, our flagship IPA. Follow “Alpine Beer Company” on Facebook, can’t believe I just typed that.
So the daily phone calls, emails and sky-writing can stop, we are announcing the release date for “Barrel-Aged Token,” our Imperial Porter aged in select bourbon barrels. This Friday, September 2, 2011, at 11 o’clock in the pub and noon in the brewery, the beer will be for sale. There are 2 kegs for growler fills, only, which will go for $30, but there are many 22oz. bottles for $12.99. Eight ounce pours in the pub, so you can still walk, will be available while it lasts. This beer won the Bronze Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2010. We took high end bourbon barrels and aged a batch of Token in them for over 9 months. We then blended a fresh batch of Token back into the barrel-aged batch in just the right proportions for one of the finest beers we’ve even produced. Limits of 1 growler fill and 6 bottles per person per day. Please no abuse.
Well, we did it. We ran out of Simcoe hops and can no longer make Duet. That is until the new crop becomes available. Harvest should start relatively soon and then it’s just a matter of drying and pelletizing them before they can be shipped from Yakima. We don’t know when they’ll ship but certainly before the end of the year, we hope. The last batch of the year was brewed already and will be released in two and a half weeks.
This Wednesday, August 31, 2011, is the return of “Hoppy Birthday” the most celebrated beer in the world. This 5.2% American Pale Ale (APA), that’s made like an IPA, is one of our most popular beers and really should be the highest rated APA in the world. Come for growler fills at the brewery and pints and pitchers in the pub.
We’ll have a pin, a small cask, of “Ugly” in the pub this Friday, at 5:00 PM. Do taste the best “Black IPA” in the world, or so I believe, on cask where it gets even creamier. YUM!
The price of growlers, the glass jug, is going up, and not just a little. Due to circumstances to numerous to mention the price of the glass will now be $10. So, covet and keep safe the growlers you have now. Don’t send them to far off places where they can’t be used again. And no whining, I don’t like it either.
And, Alpine Beer Company is on Facebook and will be your friend if you want. The weekly specials are listed there and you’ll get reminders of what’s on tap and what may be happening in the pub.
That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’m off to have a beer with Matt from Firestone Walker, maybe an “Abacus.” SDG&E lies, cheats and kills kittens and baby seals too. Their evil will catch up to them.

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