Holiday Hours, Specials and Festivals

Holiday Hours, Specials and Festivals


When the world is such a special place, why not make some weekend specials. Anyone up for some more good beer, I know I am? Why not have a festival to celebrate all beers strong, coming soon.


Since “New Millenium Pale Ale” is no longer with us, we just had to fill it’s place with “Hoppy Birthday” and “O’Brien’s IPA. ” Both beers are available for growler fills and are on tap in our humble pub. They are both going fast so don’t dawdle and bring your clean growlers for refills.


The pub specials have evolved into a extraordinary experience from its initial offerings. May I present to you, our favorite customers, our weekend specials for the next few weeks:


Friday & Saturday November 25th & 26th


Entree:  French Onion Soup  $7.95

Dessert: Pecan Pie Topped with Kahlua Whipped Cream  $5.95 


Friday & Saturday December 2nd & 3rd


Soup:  Broccoli & Cheese  $5.95

Entree:  Mini Beef Wellington Cooked Medium Served with Cream Corn, Dirty Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables $16.95

Dessert:  Blue Berry Cobbler  $5.95 


Friday & Saturday December 9th & 10th


Soup:  Chicken Tortilla  $5.95

Entree:  Jambalaya with Spicy Chicken Sausage, Beer Marinated Brats and Cayenne Peppered Shrimp Served with Three Cheese Toasted Bread $12.95

Dessert:  Pear and Apple Tart Served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream  $5.95 


Friday & Saturday December 16th & 17th


Soup:  Clam Chowder  $6.95

Entree:  Mussels in a Pesto White Wine Sauce Served with Oven Baked Garlic Fries  $15.95

Dessert:  Double Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding  $5.95


The 15th San Diego Strong Ale Festival will be held at Pizza Port Carlsbad on December 2nd and 3rd.  The festival will feature more than 80 beers all over 8% alcohol including Double IPAs, Barleywines, Imperial Stouts, Scotch Ales and Belgian-style Strong Ales.  It will also debut the 15th Anniversary Festival Beer blended by the organizers from beers made at all four Pizza Port locations.  The festival will run from 4 pm to 11 pm on Friday the 2nd and from 11 am to 11 pm on Saturday the 3rd.

Admission is just $30 and includes a festival tasting glass and 8 taster tickets each good for a 4 ounce pour.  Additional taster tickets are just $1 each.  Get a hotel room, take the Coaster to Carlsbad or try the Sprinter or Amtrak to Oceanside and cab or bus it down to the fest.  For more directions and info, check out or call 760-720-7007.

With the upcoming holiday season upon us, here is a list of our hours for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years:


Thursday, November 24, 2011, we are closed. Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends. We will open again on Friday normal hours, Pub 11 – Midnight, Brewery Noon – 6.


Christmas Eve, we are closing early so families can be together sooner. 11 to 9 PM

Closed Christmas day


New Years Eve normal hours, closing at midnight. New Years day we’ll open from noon until 6 PM for your drinking and dining pleasure.


We’ve had some issues involving large groups trying to visit our humble facility. So, let’s set some ground rules. First, no large groups. Groups of people larger than 8 will be told to visit elsewhere, we can not accommodate that many people wanting to dine together as our kitchen is unable to fill that many orders at once and we don’t have seating arrangements for that many. The sacrifice of service to the other customers is unfair. Pass the word so less people get disappointed.


Upcoming beers include “Crazy Hazel” which is just around the corner, “Bad Boy” is being planned and will be about  a month out. “Ugly” should show its face for the holidays, too. For Super Bowl we’ll bring back a fan favorite “Exponential Hoppiness.”


An extraordinary honor has been bestowed upon us. One of the most impressive and environmentally sensitive breweries in the world has reached out to us to do a collaborative brew. New Belgium Brewing, the makers of “Fat Tire” and “La Folie” have asked us to put our collective heads together and come up with a beer worthy of such an occasion. For some reason, the initial talks were centered around a double IPA, but nothing has been finalized as of yet. The plan is to make enough for national distribution to all of New Belgium’s territory. Not only am I extremely humbled by their effort to work on this project together but am also very excited, beyond words, to be involved with a brewery I admire and respect so much. Love you guys! The schedule calls for a release date in September 2012, perhaps as a GABF opening surprise.


Remember what common sense says to do with an elephant with three balls – walk him and pitch to the rhino, of course.


Don’t drink and drive drunk, it’s not worth it. And, why this is still something you have to remind people about is beyond me but, wear your seatbelts at all times while driving and riding. You can’t drink beer when you’re dead.


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the Alpine Brew Crew

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