Good Good Friday from Alpine Beer Company

Good Good Friday from Alpine Beer Company

The weekend is upon us and the roads are full of travelers because of the holiday, Easter. We are letting our employees enjoy Easter Sunday with family and friends so our pub will be closed Sunday April 8th.

The Friday and Saturday special in our pub is “Panko crusted spinach stuffed Salmon with a Sundried Tomato Aioli served over Orzo with Herbs” for $16.95

The appetizer will be “Scottish Balls with beer Mustard” for $9.95

There will be a special dessert but was undetermined at press time.

We put a new beer on tap today and have 16oz. bottles available of “Gouden Vallei” which is a “Monastically Inspired Belgian Pale Ale, Dryhopped and Spiced with Pink Peppercorns.” Pints in the pub and bottles in the brewery only, no growler fills available. This is the collaboration beer brewed here with The geniuses from New Belgium Brewing, Peter and Jamie. The beer is named “Gouden Vallei” which is Flemish for “Golden Valley.” It started as a beer similar to “Orval” which also means “Gold Valley.” The same brewing style, yeast inoculation and Brettanomyces with dryhopping were employed. The real twist is the ample use of “Pink Peppercorns” which are not spicey hot but rather sweet and herbal, and they smell glorious. The head stands tall throughout your entire glass. This could be one of the best beers ever created. Bottle limits are in place and please, no retailers.
The investment opportunity still exists but is closing on April 20, 2012. We are trying to attract investors to allow us to build a production facility on a 1.68 acres parcel in the industrial zoned area of Alpine. Forms are available on our web site, on the bottom of the main page, Subscription Agreement and Suitability Questionnaire. Fill them out and send them in.

Please bear with us as the road construction continues along Alpine Blvd, and especially in front of our business. Parking can be daunting but you can park across the street and be close.

Wear your seatbelt, they save lives.

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