More Exciting Than a Near Miss from an Asteroid

More Exciting Than a Near Miss from an Asteroid

Did you know about the two small asteroids that narrowly missed the earth this week? Does the thought of the end of the world on Dec. 21st terrify you? Can those earthquakes in Italy mean the end of the world as we know it is almost here? Relax, grab a beer (mine’s Captain Stout) and pull up a chair as I persuade you there is a reason to live, thrive even. There is special beer ready to drink at the brewery you’ll want to know about. There is an excellent pub special again this weekend and a much anticipated rant long overdue, too. We try not to disappoint anyone.

From out of a black hole, miraculously escaping and arriving in exquisite condition, we are pleased to announce the re-release of “Barrel Aged Odin’s Raven” in 22 oz. bottles. This batch is 100% barrel aged, not blended, and has a more pronounced bourbon influence. Bottle limits of 4 in the brewery and no samples available there. As soon as we run out of “Token” in the pub we will put some “Barrel Aged Odin’s Raven” on for samples and tulips. We will run out of “Token” today, sometime.

 The beer that has garnered the most phone calls lately has been “Bad Boy,” our other double IPA. When doors open today, Friday June 1st, you may purchase “Bad Boy” in growlers in the brewery, 6 max, and pints in the pub. Now there’s a reason to brave the elements and trek to outpost Alpine. Bring your mountain bike for before you drink this 9% bully.

Okay, so the “Bad Boy” was ready yesterday, but we didn’t want to subject you to yesterday’s harsh brewery conditions. We brewed “Good,” and incredible Barleywine, that requires 2 mash-ins and boils for 4 hours. The heat and humidity was too hot for mere mortals. The bulk of “Good” will be converted to “Great” once it transfers into bourbon barrels and sits for a year.

Another of our fine lineup of beers newly available is “New Millennium” an out of this world pale ale at 5% abv. We dry hop this light pale ale with Millennium and Galaxy hops for an out of this world flavor and aroma experience. Growlers readily available in the brewery and pints and pitchers in the pub.

Dinner and dessert specials in the pub start around 5 pm Friday nights and last into Saturday, if it doesn’t sell out on Friday. This weekend special consists of handmade creamy Chicken Gnocchi served with garlic bread for $15.95. We’re pairing “New Millennium” with this special at happy hour prices all night. Also new for the evenings will be deep fried zucchini sticks for $7.95. And for dessert, “chocolate peanut butter banana bread pudding” for a mere $6.95, and pair it with some “Barrel Aged Odin’s Raven” to bring it all together.

To see more ranting go to our blog,,  or our website, newsletter  and see what Alpine is being subjected to.

That’s all the news fit to print for now. Remember, it’s not the end of the world just because the Mayans didn’t finish their calendar past Dec. 21, 2012, they just ran out of space on the rock. Wearing seatbelts will save your life. Give bicyclists some space, share the road. And bicyclists, ride single file to the right, those cars are bigger than you are, they win. And please, someone convince book store Beth to give it up so we can expand the pub! Peace.

Rant Special:

I recently sent a letter to my County Supervisor, Dianne Jacobs, about our situation at our brewery concerning the re-design of the streets, sidewalks and such. I pointed out that it is possible we may be going out of business. Yes, actually not able to do business here anymore because of the inability to get grain into our silo any longer. You see, the county, in all of their infinite wisdom and consideration, redesigned the curb and driveways making it impossible for our grain delivery truck to park close enough to blow the grain through hoses into our silo. With no grain comes no beer, period.

Now, let me point out, since the letter was sent, we have received a grain delivery. But, it requires the truck to park on the neighbor’s driveway. By blocking the driveway for over an hour, I have to contact the residents and motel patrons and get them to move their cars before the truck arrives at 8 am. And, I have to get on the roof of the brewery and pull the phone lines out of the way of the truck as he backs into place. Parking on and using the neighbors property is not cool and I try hard to be a good neighbor. Finding a solution to avoid using the neighbor’s property is not existent. 

An aide to Ms. Jacobs called to “say” she was concerned. That is the extent of their response.

A Mr. Michael Long from the county did meet with both property owners at the sight. His entire demeanor was uncooperative, argumentative and demeaning. I tried to get him to look down our driveway to see the issue of where they placed our driveway on the west side of the brewery. He wouldn’t and could care less. His final slap came from his comment to both property owner “You all signed off on this. I don’t know why you’re complaining.”

The fact is,these issues were address in Alpine Planning Group meetings and were never rectified. Even during construction of curbs and gutters the flaws were pointed out and the response from the job foreman was one of “I’ll pass that on, its not right.”

Make no mistake, there is no “sign-off” for anyone concerning the rape of Alpine. SDG&E came through this region raping and pillaging and hired CHP to be their bully bodyguards. The county tried to get what they could from the “inconvenience” but are the designers of the streets. They are the ones that design the layout of driveways, sidewalks, parking areas and the like. They are the same people that had to be asked to move so I could drive a forklift into our western driveway and yet left the original driveway out of their “plan.” 

Just in front of the brewery and pub there are 5 serious safety issues that should concern everyone. Driving over curbs to get in and out of our driveway is ridiculous. Pouring sidewalks that don’t match up to existing sidewalks and creating tripping hazards is criminal. Removing all ADA access from on and off their sidewalks is asking for a lawsuit. Putting the driveway to our eastern parking lot off-center so cars coming into the parking lot drive into the side of the parked cars.

So, to make the most impact to those responsible, DO NOT REELECT DIANNE JACOBS! Send the message that stupidity should not be rewarded. Business as usual is not cutting it here in Alpine.

One thought on “More Exciting Than a Near Miss from an Asteroid

  1. Gary

    Great post – they are always bring a smile in reading through the emails I get from you!
    As for the cyclist – YES – please single file, and stay as far right as you can! Why put yourself in the path of being hit. I ride and drive a large truck – trust me you scare the heck out of me when you have a special lane for cyclist and you device to ride the white line.


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