Beat the Heat at Alpine Beer Company

Beat the Heat at Alpine Beer Company

Yes, Alpine has had its fair share of heat already this summer so let us whistle your wetness with some tasty beer. Our barbeque menu is definitely the best in Alpine, no boast – just fact. July 4th we will be closed. We have an old favorite ale being released for a soccer tournament coming to San Diego. In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing another of our specialty lineup. The San Diego History Center and Alpine Beer teaming to rock the craft beer world. We want to bottle “Great” but don’t have a bottler, currently looking for a way to bottle our Barleywine.

Our hard working staff wants to enjoy a day off with everyone else, so July 4th we will be closed Both the Pub and Brewery will be closed for the 4th. So, get your growler fills on Tuesday and Wednesday or wait until Friday. We’d hate to see thirsty people on the 4th, please plan ahead.

On July 5th, we are announcing the release of “Red Card,” our hoppy 6.5% abv red ale made exclusively for major soccer tournaments. We even dry-hop this smooth ale, which happens to compliment a wide array of foods. Spicy meats to creamy pastas go with “Red Card” exquisitely. Available for growler fills and on draught in the Pub, it’s not bottled.

Be our friend on Facebook to get our weekly pub specials on Friday and Saturday nights, and our bottle list and growler fills are divulged there too. Steve gets our pub dinner special from the kitchen Friday afternoon and he does his best to post it before Friday evening. He’ll even answer comments on our Facebook page.

Another in our specialty beer lineup being released will be “Ugly” on July 16th. “Ugly” is our Black IPA, a new beer style that’s hoppy and dark. Ours is 7.5% abv. This gem highlights mild roasty malt notes along with some fancy American hoppy punch. I’m sure we can get our kitchen to pair a nice weekend special with our precious “Ugly.”

Ever heard of the San Diego History Center in Balboa Park? They are currently running an amazingly accurate and entertaining exhibit about the craft beer history in the San Diego region. On Friday, July 26th, we will be pouring our beer, providing some bbq snacks and giving a very short talk before the showing of “Suds County” the documentary about the history of craft beer in San Diego, go figure. We will be pouring Duet, Nelson, Ugly and Mandarin Nectar for the event. Details are sketchy but I’m sure tickets in advance should be cheaper, the theatre for the viewing is limited to 60-70 people, the display can hold a bunch more people, and look on our web site blog for future details on this event.

My heart is particularly heavy today and goes out to the families of the firefighter lost in Arizona. Even in these times of safety and training, firefighting is still a very dangerous occupation. Send a prayer, please.

Peace, love and happiness to all

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