Alpine Beer is At It Again

Alpine Beer is at It Again

New info has come my way and it seems appropriate to share some of it with you. So……… here goes.

We have an opportunity to lease the old “Bread Basket” restaurant. We are considering it and need to determine interest. The situation created by too many people wanting to enjoy our tiny pub has turned many people off. If we get a bigger place, room for groups, outside seating and dining, would you visit us enough to help pay the rent? Let me know, if enough interest is out there we’ll surely move on the location.

A really cool documentary on “Behind the Brew” produced by The West Coaster has been made. “The Making of Nelson” has been produced and can be viewed at:  Gotta love this stuff.

On Thursday, April 24th, Green Flash Brewing Company will be hosting a “Meet the Brewer” featuring Patrick McIlhenney, owner of Alpine Beer Company. There will be a special tapping of the awesome beer made for little ol’ Alpine, “Nelson.” The tasting room at the Green Flash opens at 3 PM and I’ll be there shaking babies and kissing mommies until 6 PM. Come out and see just how close their version is to what you remember of our version. I love it and think its spot on, really.

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