Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Tis the season to let everyone know what our holiday hours will be. We have collaborations abounding. An update on our pub move is also in order.

For Christmas Eve, our hours for the brewery will remain the same. Our pub will close promptly at 6 pm this evening. Both pub and brewery will be closed on Christmas Day. Enjoy some quality time with family or friends, whichever gets you more presents.

For New Year’s Eve, normal hours for the brewery 12 – 6 and the pub will open at 11 and close promptly at 10 pm. Both brewery and pub will be closed New Year’s Day. We’ll be back to normal hours on January 2nd.

Pizza Port Solana Beach brewer and all around awesome person Devin Randall and our very own Shawn McIlhenney collaborated on a brew at the Solana Beach brewery and it has hit the taps. It is a Rye Porter called “Ryed’n Dirty,” weighing in at 6.3% abv. It is made with 41% rye in the grist and tastes just as good as two highly talented brewers could make, yum. We have a keg in the pub right now!

The first phase of our collaboration with Mission Brewery has been completed. Around 90 barrels, about 180 kegs, was brewed last week of an over the top single IPA at the Mission Brewery. It will be out before mid-January. It is a 7.5% abv IPA with too many hops to list them all. We did manage to come up with a name which could be our longest beer name ever recorded “Don’t Even Act Like You’re Not Impressed IPA.” It will be draft only and work through the Distributor “Wine Warehouse.” We are pulling no punches on this beast trying to outdo ourselves, if that’s even possible.

The slow, arduous move into our new pub is crawling along at a breakneck snail’s pace. Our new and improved anticipated opening will be in early March. I believe the bamboo still needs to grow before it gets turned into our new tables or something like that.

Weekly updates on bottle and growler availability are posted on our Facebook page, “Alpine Beer Company Pub.” There are also weekly pub specials on Friday and Saturday nights that are unique and always delicious, seriously. Thursday night is Prime Rib night, Wednesday is our “Wing” day and we can’t forget “Taco Tuesday. And for the adventurous minded, we have many blends of beers that make for an even better experience like “The Captain and Vanill,” and “DueHop.”

Be nice to eachother. Peace Love and Happiness

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