For the serious label collectors

If you really want any of our labels there is only one way to get them. A self-addressed stamped envelope must be received at the brewery. The envelope must be large enough to accommodate all the labels requested, most labels are 4 3/8” X 6” self adhesive. We will not fold labels! Each label is $1.00 with a maximum of 5 of any one label. Payment must be received with the return envelope. Send requests to : Alpine Beer Co. P O Box 2530, Alpine, CA 91903.

Our labels are historically significant, each shows a past or current building in Alpine, California


 Mandarin Nectar
4 3/8” X 6” The building shown is the “Alpine Women’s Club.” Circa 1899 and was the original Town Hall.
 Alpine Ale
4 3/8” X 6” Shows the current location of Alpine Beer Company. It was Alpine TV for decades after its original occupant, the building owner, Louis H. Landt Pumps – Wiring – Fixtures – Appliances. 
 McIlhenney’s Irish Red4 3/8” X 6” Shows and artists rendition of “Ye Alpine Tavern,” the building Tavern Road is named after.  Pure Hoppiness
4 3/8” X 6” Shows an artist’s rendition of “The Alpine Inn,” a long time destination restaurant designed like a Swiss Chalet. 
Chez Monieux
4 ” X 4” Background barrels for a 750ml bottle
4 3/8” X 6” A re-touch of the old “Log Cabin Restaurant. An oak tree grew on the inside of the front and is still alive today. A plaster Guerilla hung out on the roof. 
 Captain Stout
4 3/8” X 6” An old picture of Alpine’s first Fire Station.
 Ichabod Ale
4 3/8” X 6” a depiction of Ichabod Crane sharing a mug with the Headless Horseman. Vintage labels from many different beers. 
3” X 7 ½” Similar to Chez Monieux but a different size.
3 ¾” X 6 ¾” Background oak barrels 
 Sippin on the Dock of the Bay
4 3/8” X 6” AHA National Homebrew Conference 2009 Commemorative label for a West Coast style IPA
4 3/8” X 6” The label shows the Alpine Community Church 
4 3/8” X 6” The label shows a picture of a sailboat race outside of the harbor in Nelson, New Zealand
 Exponential Hoppiness
4 3/8” X 6” A foil label that gives gold accents in strategic places with the famous formula “EH= PH2” as the central picture. 

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