We take pride in our hard working staff
Our brewery and customer staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They all like good beer and can explain beer to you in a way you’ll understand.

Pat McIlhenneyPat McIlhenney
– Owner and Brew Master
A career firefighter retired as Captain in 2009. Homebrewing since 1983 with a goal of starting his own brewery someday, he is the sole creator of Alpine Beer Co.
Val McIlhenneyVal McIlhenney
– Bookkeeper/Bottle Washer
Does all the reports and bookkeeping and waits on the counter, too. Excellent sense of taste.
Shawn McIlhenneyShawn McIlhenney
– Head Brewer/Distribution Manager
Lucky son of Pat and Val and an exceptional brewer in his own right.
Danielle FaughtDanielle Faught
– Pub Manager
Highly talented interior designer and mixologist.
Natalie Davis
– Tasting Room Manager
“Helping change lives one growler at a time.”

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